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Электронная книга Путешествие | The Journey

книга Путешествие (The Journey) 19/09/16

Информация о книге

Страниц: 342

Автор : Дзиро Осараги

Жанр : драма

Категории : зарубежная классика, не переведено

Формат : роман

Год написания : 1960

Язык оригинала : японский


Tuttle Publishing is proud to offer newly redesigned editions of some of Japan's greatest writers from medieval to modern times. Tuttle Classics of Japanese Literature are a vital and affordable introduction. Begin building your collection now! This touching allegorical novel about a man who is almost destroyed by his lust for money and the accumulation of wealth is a masterful depiction of the new moral reality facing post-war Japan. 


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