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Книга Stranger Than Fiction (True Stories)

книга Stranger Than Fiction (True Stories) 03/01/13

Рейтинг: 9.33/10 Сводный: 7.9/10 Всего голосов: 3

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Информация о книге

Автор : Чак Паланик

Жанр : контркультура

Язык оригинала : русский


"Full of wonderful moments…Palahniuk's voice is so distinctive and intimate-he writes as though he is recounting a great story to a close friend." — Los Angeles Times"Step into Palahniuk's dark worldview and watch for what crawls out. These stories are true to him and no one else." — The Oregonian“One of the oddest and most oddly compelling collections to come along for some time.” —The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel“In Chuck Palahniuk’s world, the ride is fast, often disturbing, and there is never any holding back.” —The New Orleans Times-Picayune“Eccentric, idiosyncratic, and often entertaining.” —The Onion"Priceless grace notes from an exceptionally droll and sharp-eyed observer." — The New York Times“Rarely does a collection of essays continually resonate with a main theme and accumulate a weight that would lead you to call it a great book. . This is a pretty great book.” —The Seattle Times"The book's lurid appeal rests largely on being let in on Palahniuk's secrets, the raw material for much of his fiction. . Acts that give spice to his novels are made more menacing when encountered in the real world." — Black Book

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