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Книга Вранова чаща | Ravenwood

книга Вранова чаща (Ravenwood) 02/05/14 книга Вранова чаща (Ravenwood) 02/05/14

Информация о книге

Автор : Эндрю Петерс

Жанры : научная фантастика, фэнтези, приключения

Категория : детская

Формат : роман

Год написания : 2011

Язык оригинала : английский


Who holds the seeds to save a sky-high world?

Arborium is at risk, the sharpened blades of rival Maw poised to saw off its bark and branches. What can a poor plumber's apprentice armed with little more than a monkey wrench do to stop the chopping?

Carved into a massive, mile-high canopy, the forest kingdom of Arborium stands upon the tallest of trees. Within them, 14-year-old Ark holds the lowest of jobs: unclogging toilets. He's already up to his elbows in gunk when he REALLY steps in it. He overhears a plot echoing through the pipes: Maw, a ruthless glass-and-steel superpower, is scheming to wield its axes of evil to strip Arborium of its wood — a natural resource now more precious than gold.

The fate of a kingdom in the filthy hands of a plumber boy?

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