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Электронная книга Норвежская ферма | A Norwegian Farm

книга Норвежская ферма (A Norwegian Farm) 08/03/16

Информация о книге

Автор : Мария Гамсун

Жанр : про животных

Категории : не переведено, зарубежная классика

Формат : сказка

Язык оригинала : норвежский


The adventures round the year of the four Hamsun children, brought up on a real farm, where as pets they own cows and a goat and a little pig. Summer in the mountain pastures, winter in school with ample play time. It's a jolly book, and simply told, with humor and understanding. Suggests the charm of LISBETH LONGFROCK. There's a colored frontispiece and twenty illustrations by Elsa Jomno.


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