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Книга A Little Life

книга A Little Life 10/12/15 книга A Little Life 10/12/15

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Информация о книге

Автор : Ханья Янагихара

Жанр : фантастика

Категории : современная зарубежная проза, не переведено

Формат : роман

Год написания : 2015

Язык оригинала : английский


Brace Yourself for the Most Astonishing, Challenging, Upsetting and Profoundly Moving Book in Many a Season. An Epic About Love and Friendship in the Twenty-First Century that Goes into Some of the Darkest Places Fiction has Ever Traveled and Yet Somehow Improbably Breaks Through into the Light.
When Four Graduates from a Small Massachusetts College Move to New York to Make Their Way, They're Broke, Adrift, and Buoyed Only by Their Friendship and Ambition. There is Kind, Handsome Willem, an Aspiring Actor; JB, a Quick-Witted, Sometimes Cruel Brooklyn-Born Painter Seeking Entry to the Art World; Malcolm, a Frustrated Architect at a Prominent Firm; and Withdrawn, Brilliant, Enigmatic Jude, who Serves as their Center of Gravity. Over the Decades, their Relationships Deepen and Darken, Tinged by Addiction, Success, and Pride. Yet their Greatest Challenge, Each Comes to Realize, is Jude Himself, by Midlife a Terrifyingly Talented Litigator Yet an Increasingly Broken Man, his Mind and Body Scarred by an Unspeakable Childhood, and Haunted by What he Fears is a Degree of Trauma that he'll Not Only be Unable to Overcome-but that Will Define his Life Forever.
In a Remarkable and Precise Prose, Yanagihara has Fashioned a Tragic and Transcendent Hymn to Brotherly Love, a Masterful Depiction of Heartbreak, and a Dark Examination of the Tyranny of Memory and the Limits of Human Endurance.

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